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   We take our play time seriously. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, each year we spend a phenomenal
amount of money on recreation: golfing, $3.73 billion; scuba diving, $332 million; and skiing, $722 million.

   But how much do recreational activities cost per day?

   For 18 holes of golf on The Mount Snow Golf Course in Mount Snow, Vermont, expect to pay $63 per person, including the cart, and an extra $20 for club rental. Most courses offer free parking, but Lunch will usually run you an additional $10 per person.

   A day on the Killington ski slopes in Killington, Vermont, costs $89 for adults! $70 for juniors and $48 for children, including lift ticket and equipment rental. Parking is free, but lunch costs approximately $10-$12 per person, lessons run $49.50 for adults, $39.50 for juniors and $31.75 for children, and lodging is roughly $200 per night for a family of four.

   To experience the underwater world of scuba diving at Gray Strokes Aquatic Adventures in Marathon, Florida, expect to pay $135 per person for two escorted dives, equipment, instruction, and the boat trip to and from the dive sites.

   By comparison, boating actually costs less than these other forms of recreation, according to a cyberpoll conducted by BOAT/U.S. Forty-eight percent of the survey's respondents said they spend between $50 and $100 on fuel, food, beverages, boat supplies and transient docking fees. Thirty percent said they spend $50 or less, 18% percent spend from $100 to $200, and 4 percent claimed daily expenditures of more than $200.

   Fuel, of course, is one expense. The amount of fuel a boat burns depends upon the size and type of the boat, its motor and cruising speed. Generally speaking, however, it is estimated that at 4,000 rpm a 17-foot boat with 90-hp outboard will burn about 5.3 gallons an hour at a cruising speed of 28 mph. A 26-foot boat with a 7.4-liter engine will burn about 10 gph at a cruising speed of 19 mph. And a 23 foot boat with 5.0-liter engine will burn about 7.2 gph at a cruising speed of 28 mph at 3,000 rpm. See: Fuel for Fun for additional information concerning fuel costs.

   A day on the water offers the most recreational options and value for the money.

Boating Benefits

   The National Marine Manufacturers Association conducted a study covering the leisure activity and benefits owners derive from boating. The following are the top benefits, according to the study.

Relieves stress.
Allows me to get away from it all.
Experience nature, outdoors.
Feeling of freedom.
Opportunity to be with friends.
Good family activity.

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