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Volvo Penta is a world-leading supplier of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications.

On their youtube place you will find videos from their environmental campaign "The Green Commitment", videos about our engines and much more!

Topic: Operating a marine engine through an oil spill.

The rubber parts and system design of a marine engine are not designed to tolerate high quantities of oil ingestion into the cooling system

The full extent of the damage caused by the oil spill occurring in the Gulf Coast area has yet to be determined. Boaters have to be concerned that they do not run through the oily sludge floating on or just below the surface.

Since oil/fuel spills do occur almost everywhere, boaters need to be aware of the damage that can be done and the steps required to service your vessel after possible exposure to high levels of fuel/oil in the water. Read More:

We have all seen the articles in the boating magazines which hype the latest and greatest boat and/or engine packages on the market. However, the used boat market is stronger than ever, and here's why.

Boating is about family and friends. As the economy softens; boating becomes even more practical for the whole family. Can you afford not to go boating?

Our email box periodically crops up with boating regulatory questions. A basic licensing and California regulations FAQ is available at the California DMV web site. As boring as some .gov sites are... best to know the ins and outs of this information. 

California Fishing links.

Identify salt water fish.

As of 01/01/01, children under 12 years of age are required to wear a life jacket at all times when in a boat under 26 feet. Basic California boating laws and rules of the road are also posted at the Department of Boating and Waterways website. They even have a special kids and boating section.  [Also see San Diego Coastal Information]

   We are all concerned with the environment around us. It is important to learn what we can do to make our foot print as small as possible when it comes to operation and maintenance of our boats. The University of California, Davis has posted an informative item which deals with reducing environmental impact from maintenance and repair of boats in and around the water front.

   For the do-it-yourself crowd, we sponsor a boat repair database web site that should make it easier to get the information you need to do it right. Stop by " marinemechanic.comBuy a service manual for your engine and then check out the web site for additional tips and tricks.
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